The Great Energy Drink Myth

Original Article : The Great Energy Drink Myth
by : healthform
From : healthform.org

Introduction to The Myth

The mostly entertaining and quite slick advertisements as well as celebrity athlete spokespersons tend to give people an impression that all these drinks are healthy and essential when and after working out, citing their role in replenishing the lost carbohydrates, electrolytes, and fluids.

While simple carbohydrates are essential for athletes that engage in high intensity training and exercises, does this make sports drinks appropriate, or even effective for an average gym member? 

Scientific Research

In a recent study, the researchers prepared some beverages that contained maltodextrin, glucose, or neither, making sure they all tasted identical and offered them to athletes.

The athletes rinsed these drinks around their mouths, and later spit them out during exercise.

Although they didn’t reap the full energizing benefits of the carbohydrates contained in the drinks, rinsing the simple sugars around the mouth was shown to reduce the time required to finish the cycle time trial significantly.Read Full Article…

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