The nine questions I’m frequently asked about my vegetarianism

I’ve been vegetarian for a fair while now and I always seem to get pretty similar questions from people when they find out that I don’t eat meat. So to make my life easier and give me something to send people here are my frequently asked questions

1.So, you’re a veggie. What do you actually eat?

Most things actually. When I first became vegetarian I had to learn to cook properly but there is a wealth of things to eat that are both very tasty and don’t contain meat. I’m lucky living in London where I rarely lack for choice when eating out. Although, once after ordering a mushroom burger in a restaurant I got a concerned look from my waitress who wanted to make sure I was aware it was just mushroom.

2. But what about barbecues?

I’m a firm advocate of halloumi, I often have to fight off my more carnivorous friends to make sure I get some.

3. How do you stay healthy?

The same as anyone else. I try not to snack too much and eat my 5 fruit and veg a day. You get unhealthy vegetarians the same as you get unhealthy carnivores. It’s certainly possible to live a long healthy life and not eat any meat.

4. Aren’t meat substitutes awful?

I’m quite partial to the occasional veggie sausage, but although they are shaped like their meaty progenitors they are a different animal entirely and mostly not designed to taste like meat.

5. Do you miss meat?

It’s been seven years and I can’t remember the taste of it. The biggest annoyance is how many sweets and yoghurts contain gelatine (I’m looking at you Cadbury Buttons Desserts). The only thing that makes me give wistful looks is my Granny’s homemade scotch eggs.

6. Do you eat fish?

No that would make me a pescetarian.

7. Are you just against killing animals?

Not for me. There are many sensible and justifiable reasons to be vegetarian. I decided that I wanted to be a vegetarian after learning a bit more about the environmental impact of meat production. I was also gently cajoled by a friend who convinced me I could actually live as a vegetarian. He persuaded me to try it for a week and here I am seven years later.

8. Do you think everyone should be a vegetarian?

Actually no. We should be conscious of how much meat we eat. Making meat a treat will be a big part of our move to living more sustainably. I find not eating any to be easier than having an occasional bite, but that won’t work for everyone.

9. But still, aren’t you going to try and convert me?

Probably not, I think that we’re starting to see a real movement in the UK towards meat becoming more of a treat with many people choosing to eat a bit less meat. This is partly down to cost but also health concerns and environmental impact. It might seem a bit odd, a vegetarian promoting flexitarianism but here we are!

Fellow vegetarians, did I miss anything? What do people always ask you?

Original Article: The nine questions I’m frequently asked about my vegetarianism

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