The Top 3 Foods To Avoid in Any Diet (and the ones you may not have to)

Original Article : The Top 3 Foods To Avoid in Any Diet
by : Lavish Nutrition
From : lavishnutrition.com

Does any of this sound familiar?

Don’t eat fat.  You probably shouldn’t eat dairy.  Did you know that sugar is what ACTUALLY makes you fat?  You should stay away from grains.  Eating vegan is the ONLY way you’ll live longer and avoid cancer.  The Paleo diet changed my life!………………

There are SO MANY diets out there, there are SO MANY different ways you could eat, and each way includes at least one food that the other ways tell you to avoid at all costs. 

We’ve hit this point, where if you’re not following some official eating style or another people think you don’t care about your health.  That you couldn’t possibly lose weight, and that you’re probably really unhealthy.

With all due respect: that is complete and utter Bullsh*t!

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