Three Tips for People with Fluctuating Self-Confidence

Don’t fool yourself. Some of the people that you see that are extremely confident, also have their low moments and there are areas where they sometimes do not feel very confident.     

Because we know them as confident beings, we think that they must be confident all the time and in all areas.

We ask ourselves why is it that they just keep winning? They don’t seem to be afraid. They seem sure of themselves.

This is not exactly true. The real truth is that they too struggle with fear, doubt, and uncertainty….and win.

If you put yourself out there, try new things, take risks and live life to the fullest, things will not always go the way you want them to.

Certain situations such as problems in relationships, getting fired from the job or getting poor grades can make you question your personal abilities.

However, the only way you can avoid failure is to do nothing and try nothing. And then, of course, you will become nothing. That’s not the kind of life you want. Is it?

The good news though is that you don’t have to let those things hold you back. Here are three very good ways to restore your confidence if it hits rock bottom.




Original Article : Three Tips for People with Fluctuating Self-Confidence
By: Dr. Ken
From: drkenonu.com

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