The article referenced below outlines that 52% of workers never leave their desks at lunchtime. It’s interesting to see what people do with their lunch breaks – if they do indeed, actually take a break. Or whether people are influenced by what those around them are doing and feel that if others remain at their desks, so should they.

I’ve noticed from our own office that the vast majority of staff tend to run out, grab a sandwich from somewhere and head back to their desks for a swift browse on the internet, continuing to take calls or respond to emails if they need to.

My own circumstances (working Mum) mean that m

y lunch breaks are usually taken up with household tasks – buying birthday presents for children’s parties, paying bills, food shopping. I aim to swim once a week at lunchtime, as getting out of the house in the evenings to do so, whilst juggling bedtimes and school homework is nigh on impossible. And I can genuinely say from my experience, that doing exercise or just getting out and about at lunchtime clears my head and I’m a lot more productive in the afternoon than I can be if I’ve not left my desk.

So come on people – get up and out at lunchtime – even if it’s just for a walk. That heavy workload might just become easier to manage if you’re more productive after having a break…