Top 11 Workout Mistakes Beginners Make (Avoid These!)

Today I’m going to reveal the top 11 workout mistakes beginners make.

If you focus on ELIMINATING these top 10 workout mistakes, you can save yourself a year or more of wasted training time…so you can reach your goals that much faster.

And speaking of goals, here’s beginner workout mistake #1:

Workout Mistakes Beginners Make #1: Not Having A (Specific) Goal

Get specific about WHY you’re working out. What specifically do you want to accomplish?

Do you want to lose fat, build muscle strength, build muscle size, become more athletic,

At some level you probably want all of those things. But you need to prioritize what you want MOST, because otherwise you’ll end up not REALLY accomplishing any of these things….Read Full Article…

Original Article: Top 11 Workout Mistakes Beginners Make (Avoid These!)
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