Top 3 Gifts For Fitness Enthusiasts

Christmas is here and it’s time to find the best gift ideas for our fitness-enthused friends and family. We’ve compiled the top 3 gift ideas below and they are ALL under $25!


3. Muscle Stick


From injury prevention to treatment of sore muscles – this durable Muscle Stick and included exercise program is it exactly what any fitness enthusiasts would want as a gift.

Price: $17.95



2. Massage Ball Set


This ultimate 2 in 1 bundle is exactly what one needs to improve flexibility and release trigger points. The heavy-duty silicone peanut and single ball combo provides limitless options for pain relief from those grueling workout. This is a gift idea that those fitness-oriented friends and family members will be sure to appreciate.

Price: $16.99


1. Foam Roller


Our top recommendation this year is this unique triple zone designed foam roller and travel bag.  The 3 independent zones have varying size pressure fields to imitate hands on massage. Use the the broad flat surface for a less aggressive release of sore muscles and tender areas. Use the smaller knobs for more aggressive pressure to release those stubborn muscles.

Price: $21.95

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