The Top Challenges that Make Collaboration a Fitness Industry Must

Being able to communicate and collaborate as an expert, trainer or facility owner in the fitness world is extremely important. Think of boot camps, sports clinics and timed, exercise-centric weight loss programs. These all have specific frameworks that require a sense of belonging, consistent communication and tailored messaging in order to be successful. Because of this, building real communities around these frameworks are extremely important.

Let’s take one of the latest fitness trends, CrossFit, for example. CrossFit was especially built with a sense of community in mind In fact, most “boxes,” or locations, focus on helping their members to engage with one another and, likewise, collaborate with other facilities. This is especially apparent when you notice that, often, if you go to a CrossFit studio in one city and then attend another across the state, you’ll see the same workouts, programming, etc. In other words, they’ve built an infrastructure of communication amongst themselves within the CrossFit training methodology.

Why? The more like-minded individuals that are brought together from these types of fitness communities, the greater the sense of working towards a common goal. Clients end up feeling a sense of belonging and more, that they’re getting more than just a workout— they’re a part of something big.

For those helping to build these fitness communities, this goes beyond the time spent at the gym. The more clients feel involved beyond their scheduled workouts, the higher the increase in loyalty and participation. However, especially in today’s busy world, where people are constantly on-the-go and bandwidth is tight, there can be specific challenges when it comes to making this goal come to fruition: Read Full Article…

Original Article : The Top Challenges that Make Collaboration a Fitness Industry Must
By: Crystal Chavez
From: bolste.com

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