Top Supplements For CrossFit athletes

If a supplement works it’s probably illegal, if it’s legal it probably doesn’t work very well’.

Seriously. Supplements provide little value in comparison to your diet as a whole, which his where your focus should lie rather than the search for the pill or shake which may give you a small advantage.

So don’t take them?

Not necessarily. Supplements can help. Considering the physical demands of CrossFit, they can be useful in certain areas including getting adequate nutrients, improving performance, better adaptation to exercise, better health, reduced injury rates and improved recovery.  For this reason, there are a few supplements that maybe worth investing in.

This is not an exhaustive list nor does it account for individual needs, but it gives an overview of the supplements that may bring about a positive affect on both health and performance. Remember to consult a doctor before taking anything!

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Original Article : Top Supplements For CrossFit athletes
By: Jack Braniff
From: boxnutrition.co.uk

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