Types of Fasting

Previously we introduced the concept and definition of fasting, as well as a brief description of the types of fasting.  Here we will go into greater depth about these types so you know the pros and cons:


In lay terms, fasting is the omission of food. However, it truly is much more than just that! What are the benefits of fasting? What determines the fasting state is actually a combination and quantity of the specific macro- and micronutrients of the foods we eat. Luckily, there is more than one way to fast, but there is only one that has been shown to induce rejuvenation and regeneration.1

Time Restricted Feeding (TRF)

TRF is a form of intake restriction, specifically focused on the when and how long eating occurs rather than macronutrients.2,3 This type of fasting is based off of the theory that our ancestors likely fed during daylight with limited resources and fasted during the night. Interestingly, this is controlled by what we call the circadian system. The circadian system oscillates every ~24 hours in a rhythm that enables organisms to respond to the light-dark cycle, which coincides with food accessibility. Today, this system has been disrupted due to long work hours, artificial light exposure, and haphazard eating behavior. To get back control of this system, we can mimic the natural circadian pattern by restricting feeding to a certain period of time.

As far as benefits of fasting and TRF specifically, preclinical trials have been positive, but clinical trials are inconsistent.




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