Regardless of whether you’re stationed in one city or travelling, incorporating just a few activities into your morning routine can really set you up for a highly productive day.

Our willpower decreases throughout the day so starting off on a clear path and not wavering can increase your motivation and therefore, maintain that darn willpower. ie; you’ll be less likely to tuck into that white chocolate macadamia butterscotch cookie at 2pm, get through those emails and make it to the gym after work. Ya feel me?

So yeah, on that note, let’s get cracking…

Hello H20!

As soon as you wake up, drink a tall glass of water. Not only does it help flush out yesterday’s toxins, alkalises your body and kick starts the metabolism but it can be as effective as a morning coffee. Start with one glass, eventually working your way up to three, aiming for a total of 20-30 oz.

Want a little extra detox? Squeeze half a lemon in your water – this will speed things up nicely and encourage your body to process the nutrients from your food. I do not travel without my lemon squeezer. It goes everywhere with me!

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