Original Article : WAKE UP YOUR GLUTES !
by : fitnessontoast
From : fitnessontoast.com

Sitting at the desk for hour after hour, day after day, month after month, year after year (etc) means the glutes become lazy and that laziness compounds up! The body adapts to become far less dependent on the musculature and joints found within the lower body, which ultimately leads to muscle atrophy (weakening of muscles) and lengthened, inhibited glutes. This post is about how to re-activate the hibernating derrière with a simple but effective routine, shot at the gorgeous gym in Coworth Park…

Seated Worker Syndrome, as I’m christening it, doesn’t just undermine the glutes, but can also cause the remaining parts of the body to suffer – it brings into play everything from ‘IT band syndrome‘ to ‘plantar fasciitis‘, tight hip flexors, knee problems, compressed discs, back pain, and even poor posture can be linked back to the glutes. Even if you don’t suffer from any back pain but do sit for long hours, inhibited glutes can adversely affect your training results, and can render you at a higher risk of injury during your session.

Glutes are the largest muscle in the body (outside of the abdomen); they consist of the Gluteus Maximus and Gluteues Minimus (both responsible for hip extension, femoral external rotation and abduction & knee stabilization). Strong glutes help you run faster, jump higher, or lift heavier; these are all functions which help us to go about our daily business without having to think or worry about it. Read Full Article….

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