Walking Workouts: an Effortlessly Easy Way to Lose the Weight

Do you dislike overly rigorous exercise that makes you stop to catch your breath a bit too much, but at the same time, would love to lose some extra weight? Why not try walking? Such a versatile fitness regimen can easily be accomplished anywhere and anytime, whether it is at the park, during a work break, or even after a large dinner around your neighborhood. Whether your style is fast-paced, or of a relaxed amble, walking paired with a reasonable diet is a fun and healthy way to lose the extra pounds.

There are multiple ways to integrate walking into your fitness routine. Walking can actually burn around four calories per minute depending on how fast you walk. Aiming for at least 30 minutes to an hour at least three times per week can definitely help melt the fat away. Try to maintain a proper posture while walking, swinging your arms with your head up and your back neatly straight. A pedometer, a tiny device that counts the amount of steps you take, can easily help you keep track of your fitness habits and goals.

Firstly, there is the option of choosing a High Intensity Walking Program. Such a routine is special because you are not walking at a steady pace, thus enabling your heart rate to switch up. This is not only fantastic for the strengthening of your heart, but also helps your body build lean muscle and burn fat. This routine involves periods of switching between fast and slow walking. Remember to take in deep breaths, since your muscles need more oxygen during exercise due to muscle exertion. Our bodies naturally increase in heart rate and breathing during exercise to provide more oxygen into our bloodstream. Practicing good oxygen intake can speed up the process of fat burning in addition to improving endurance in the body. Read More….


Original Article : Walking Workouts: an Effortlessly Easy Way to Lose the Weight
By: Dana Lana
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