Want to lose weight fast?

I’ve met more clients than I care to recall, who have turned up to their first session of training panicking about weight loss. It’s truly heartbreaking because these women have invested in getting results and want to transform their bodies. They think they’re doing everything right because they’re following the diets or they’re trying to do what they’ve been told – but they’ve hit rock bottom because they just can’t seem to lose weight.  They all tell me they’ve tried everything and they’re coming to see me as a ‘last resort’.

All these women have dieted to get results and then out of desperation, have come to see me to find out what training can do to improve their physique.  There is a time and place for dieting but starting with restricting your calories isn’t the way to approach transforming your body. Please, please, please – don’t waste any more time and energy on useless (and even dangerous) fad diets and programs. Be proactive and change your approach to get amazing results.

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Original Article : Want to lose weight fast?
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