Weight Loss is Harder For Women…And Here’s Why

Ladies— have you ever noticed that when you try and lose weight, it seems more likely that you’ll win the lottery than slim down? And even though you are doing everything you can, your husband, boyfriend, or male friend can shed fat with ease.

If it seems like life is against you in terms of weight loss, that’s because… it kind of is.

Women are said to be given the ultimate responsibility— they are to keep humanity in existence. In nature, women are the ones responsible for procreating, ensuring future generations exist.

You women are designed to survive it all: from pregnancy to birth to starvation, there are specific, physiological & psychological gender differences that allow you to survive anything— kind of like superheros! Us guys are simply here to help you (and make your lives’ difficult of course).

On top of having this demanding responsibility engrained in your DNA, society has really screwed you because if you aren’t 95 pounds and look like Angelina Jolie fresh out of a make-up session, you are passively considered sub par….Read Full Article….
Original Article : Weight Loss is Harder For Women…And Here’s Why
by : Chris Ruden
From : chrisruden.com

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