Weight Loss Is NOT A Goal

You DON’T want to lose weight. I promise you that. You’ve been misled about making this your annual aspiration.

Weight loss is not a goal. Goals should be ambitious and inspiring. Is weight loss? Or let me ask you another way – are you looking forward to being punished? Because that’s how most clients feel about losing weight – restrictive food, no freedom and a double dose of pain for frequent, high-intensity workouts.

Firstly, if you plan to ‘lose weight’, how much do you actually care about the goal? How do you feel when you tell yourself that you should lose weight in 2018? Be careful. There is shame, failure, and disappointment attached to ‘should’ based goals.

There is a better way to get results long-term and help you set up sustainable, sensible and healthy habits. A simple reframe can remake your goal into something worthy that is more desirable and therefore, much more likely to be realised. You can absolutely change the way you look and feel about your body.

Look at the emotional driver behind your goal. How does it make you feel when you think about achieving the outcome?

Recognising your good feelings will transition you from a shameful should to a passionate want, thereby creating a much higher likelihood of achieving your meaningful goals. After all, positive emotion drives action far, far more effectively than does negative emotion.

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Original Article : Weight Loss Is NOT A Goal
By: Justine Guest
From: efit30.com

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