Weight Loss on the Keto Diet

Weight Loss on the Keto Diet

Numerous randomized, controlled studies have shown that a high fat, low carb diet is optimal for weight loss. Why? In large part, because the Keto diet drastically reduces the prevalence of insulin–also known as the “fat storing hormone.” Keto helps the body transition from using carbohydrates (like white flour and sugars) for fuel, to using fat and protein for fuel. Lower insulin levels also mean that you’ll experience fewer cravings, fewer “hangry” moments, and more sustained energy levels!

Improved Mental Clarity

Ever notice the “brain fog” you get when you’re hungry? That’s your body’s signal that glycogen (or sugar) stores are running low! So, what happens when you rewire your body to rely on fats and proteins instead of sugar for fuel? That mental fogginess, triggered by low blood sugar, disappears! As the body produces ketones in the liver to convert fat stores into energy, you’ll notice that your mental clarity stays consistently high!

Physical Endurance

The keto diet improves physical endurance for the same reason it improves mental clarity. When your body uses carbohydrates for energy, you ride a rollercoaster of highs and lows that have a significant impact on your physical endurance. However, on a high-fat, low-carb lifestyle that brings the body into ketosis, your body is able to access a consistent source of energy for fuel: fat!


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