What Are You Running For

We all have our reasons for doing things. And when it comes to living a healthier lifestyle and running it really doesn’t matter much in my opinion what your reasons are so long as you are doing it. However I find it important to ask MYSELF what my reasons are as the reasons are just as important in determining what will keep me going in the long run.

Life is a marathon but you need to know when to sprint

I Always Ask Myself: What Are You Running For?

I have a few reasons. To be frank I used to hate running. I honestly thought of all the sports running was simply boring. I used to love basketball and football as a kid. I liked high action. However, like fine wine I’ve grown better with age.

I see now the beauty, yes the BEAUTY of running. It is simple but expressive; when I run I feel free. I started running to “run away” from my problems. It was a distraction, a difficult one in the beginning, but one that I soon found to ease my mind. I now run for a few reasons. Yes because it is good for me. Yes because I am stronger and more clear headed because of it. But most of all I run because every time I do I prove to myself what I have and what I CAN overcome in this life.

I Am Running For My Life

I came up with this question, “what are you running for?” because I use a lot of visualization when I run. And I drive a lot of motivation from within (as most people do). As I am running I envision different things, but they mostly tie to one element. Me overcoming a past trifled with failure, ridicule and downfall. You see I was once tied down by my failures and my insecurities. That in turn lead me to continue a cycle were in I created more failures and heartache in my life and those closest to me. However around the time I started running, getting serious about running, I also started to turn my life around. I can’t help but appreciate how intrinsic these two events were to each other. On the one hand I love running because I see how much it has helped me to think clearer, feel happier, and live better. On the other hand I am doing better in life and I want to be strong and healthy in order to catch up to the many years I wasted drugging, drinking, breaking the law and basically living an unhappy life. So when I ask myself, “what are you running for?” I answer, “I am running for my life.”


In the end we all have our reasons for running and striving to live a healthy life. However when I say I’m running for my life, I have to add one more thing. One major reason why running makes me happy and in turn why when I’m happy I want to run. When I am running I am free. I’ve said this before, and I’m going to say it again, and I am actually going to write another article about this in the near future: When I am running I am absolutely free and I think from the moment we are born, it is FREEDOM, yes FREEDOM that we struggle to find our entire life.

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A life unfree is not a life worth living. But a life of freedom is a life worth dying for.

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