You probably are wondering what “Fit Sick” means. It sounds like a paradox such as “jumbo shrimp” or “government efficiency.” The unfortunate truth is that Fit Sick is a more apt description for many athletes, or those who work hard at being healthy and fit. Sometimes you can look great, but feel bad.

Let me explain.

People’s interest in being healthy in this country is greater than it has ever been. Information constantly bombards us on why we need to change our eating habits, and exercise more.

Everyone can pretty much agree that getting fit and being healthy is important. Some do ignore the message, while others search online for proper information on how to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Those that embark on such a quest take the task on by different degrees. Some want to lose, and keep off, five pounds while increasing their physical activity. Others start training for a triathlon. The great majority fall somewhere in between, and mindfully work on their diet and exercise, but they have no illusion that the Olympics will come calling for them.

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Original Article : WHAT IS FIT SICK?
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