What is Keto: Busting the “Fat Makes You Fat” Myth With the Ketogenic Diet

What is the Ketogenic (“Keto”) Diet?

The purpose of the ketogenic diet is to force the body into a fat-burning state — burning fats instead of carbohydrates for fuel. Those who follow it eat a diet containing high amounts of fat, moderate amounts of protein and low levels of carbohydrates.

Through this breakdown of macronutrients, you’re able to change how the body uses energy. To fully understand the process, it’s important to grasp how the body uses energy in the first place.

How to Switch From Burning Carbs to Burning Fat

When you eat a diet rich in carbohydrates, your body converts those carbs into glucose. This causes an “insulin spike,” as insulin carries the glucose to your bloodstream for energy. Glucose is the preferred energy source of the body. When glucose is present, your body will burn it before burning fat.

A ketogenic diet lowers your carb intake. In turn, your glucose levels lower, so your body can’t convert it to energy. This sends your body into a state known as ketosis, the basis of a ketogenic diet.

Ketosis transforms your body into a fat-burning machine, burning fat (not carbs) for fuel. Specifically, the liver converts fatty acids in your body into ketone bodies, or ketones. This becomes your body’s new energy source. When you increase your fat intake, your body responds by becoming “keto-adaptive,” or more efficient at burning fat.

Ketosis is a natural survival function of the body. It helps your body function on fat when food is not readily available. Similarly, the keto diet focuses on “starving” the body of carbohydrates, transforming the body into a fat-burning state and supplementing with optimal nutrition. Read More……



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