Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Weight Loss

Original Article : Why You Shouldn’t Focus on Weight Loss
by : BabesRun
From : babesontherun.com

Weight loss and how to get it remains a confusing issue for many women. Much of what is seen in the media regarding ‘weight loss’, and fitness for women, just involves clever or deceptive marketing ploys that provide limited results.

What if I told you to put all that you think you know about losing weight aside? And let’s explore the notion that you don’t want to ‘tone up’ and lose weight after all.  As a woman, you actually want gains. Fat burning, lean muscle GAINS from eating and lifting weights.

There are some major differences between dieting losses and lean muscle gains.  When you decide to stop depriving yourself with dieting and instead, begin a new program training with weights, you need to be aware that your body will respond differently than it will to dieting alone. We’re going to feed your body and lift weights to stimulate it to fuel lean muscle growth.  And it will change in appearance but these changes won’t be fast or dramatic in the first few months – and nor should they be.  You may even feel frustrated that the number on the scales isn’t changing very much or at all. Read Full Article…

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