Will CrossFit make me hench?

You may have seen this article on CrossFit making girls hench within a week? It made me giggle. I wish I could get jacked this quickly!

Clearly it’s a piss take, but why do some CrossFit female athletes put on mass quite quickly?

This is obviously a generalisation, but because of the majority of CrossFit workouts are high volume, women tend to (not always) react better to this type of training. Why? Because of a difference in muscle fibre type. Although more similar in untrained populations, women usually (not always) develop a higher percentage of slow twitch muscle fibres (Type I) compared to men with resistance training (Martel et. al., 2006), which lends itself to being more fatigue resistant (Fulco et.al., 1999). This also means they respond better to high-volume style workouts with more repetitions i.e. WOD’s! Hence, an increase in muscle mass.

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Original Article : Will CrossFit make me hench?
By: Jack Braniff
From: boxnutrition.co.uk

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