Winter Fatigue: Why Are We Always Tired and Sleepy?

Original Article : Winter Fatigue: Why Are We Always Tired and Sleepy?
by : ecellulitis
From : ecellulitis.com

Tiredness is closely associated with cold months and winter time. In winter, many people notice physical and mental tiredness and lack of energy, while the other also recognize lack of interest and creativity.

It is not unusual that our body and mind react to climate change, however, what seems to be unusual is the fact that most of the people blame the cold weather.

Winter is in fact a season that offers many joys and entertainments once you know how to deal with that cold weather. If you wish to enjoy winter fully, you need to understand why you are tired and sleepy all the time, and how to balance your needs and moods.

I have compiled a list of the most common causes that can make you tired and sleepy more than you actually are, almost all the time. Moreover, the list also offers ways to deal with cold months and “winter depression”.

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