Work for a gym or go it alone?

Original Article : Work for a gym or go it alone?
by : Kelly West
From : fitnessprofitladder.com


Work for a gym or go it alone?
Not everyone is cut out to run their own business.
It takes a certain type of person to run a business.
There is nothing wrong with working for a gym and having a job.

Some look down on jobs as working in a gym there are more rules and regulations for you to follow. However, there are many pros to working in a gym too.
This blog will cover the pros and cons of working for yourself or working for someone else.


Having a job gives you more security, you are looked after and may even have a set salary. Whereas working for yourself you might not be able to guarantee yourself a wage each month.

With mortgages, bills and others being dependent on you in might be better to have a job at first.

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