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Muscle Stick
Muscle Stick
Muscle Stick
Muscle Stick
Muscle Stick
Muscle Stick

    Muscle Stick


      Developed by Physical Therapists with a passion for fitness. Gradient Fitness enhances your fitness experience with the innovative GF Muscle Stick and the FREE Exercise Guide! Experience the most comfortable and convenient way to maximize your flexibility, recover from injury, and endure through the toughest of training schedules. 

        • Use it to maximize flexibility and recover from muscle soreness. Perfect for all athletes including runners, dancers, cross fitters and more.  Developed by a Physical Therapist the GF Muscle Stick will help keep you healthy and maximize your athletic performance.
        • INJURY PREVENTION: Tight muscles and trigger points limit our functional mobility and increase our risk for injury. The GF Muscle Stick maximizes soft tissue pliability and blood flow to your muscles before an injury occurs.
        • FITNESS ON THE GO: The 9 oz GF Muscle stick, FREE exercise guide, and storage bag make this the most convenient too for any athlete on the go.  Specifications: 17.5” L 1.25” W.
        • EXTREME DURABILITY: Manufactured with a steel rod core and 7 independent industrial strength ABS rollers, the GF Muscle Stick is built to hold up to the stress from the toughest athletes and daily wear and tear in any rehabilitation setting.
        • Endorsed by Physical Therapists and backed by our 90 day 100% money back guarantee. Order worry free!

      WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? Don't settle for the generic muscle stick with a soft foam exterior and plastic core. Our innovative GF Muscle stick is manufactured with a steel rod core and 7 industrial strength ABS rollers that will stand up to the daily wear and tear from the toughest athletes. The easy-grip soft ergonomic handles allows you to easily reach the difficult trigger points in the neck, shoulder, quad, or calf. The GF Muscle Stick ideal for the professional setting but with the included storage bag, exercise program, and lightweight design it's also perfect for fitness on the go!

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