Headaches? Is your fitness program to blame?

[dropcap]When[/dropcap] trying to maximize gains we often push our bodies past the point of fatigue.Injury Prevention
Unfortunately, this comes with risk. Despite your attempt at hyper-focused quality movements you
are still bound to have some aches and pains along the way. But neck pain and headaches… really?

[dropcap]Most[/dropcap] people don’t associate headaches as a common “side effect” of exercising.  And, of course, it may not be. There are many types of headaches, but “cervicogenic headaches”
(headaches originating from the neck) are estimated to account for 20% of all headaches
experienced. These headaches are thought to originate in the upper cervical joints. Painful
trigger points, cervical muscle weakness, poor motor control, and decreased flexibility are
common impairments associated.

[dropcap]So[/dropcap]… how do I know if my headache is coming from my neck?

These are the common symptoms associated:HA
– Pain local to the neck that projects forward toward the forehead
– Pain aggravated by neck movements and sustained postures
– Decreased neck range of motion
– Increased cervical muscle tenderness and or tightness
– One sided headache on the same side as the neck discomfort

[dropcap]What[/dropcap] can you do about it?
Avoid over the short term postures and higher risk exercises that put extra stress on the
upper trap and cervical joints.

[dropcap]Here[/dropcap] is the Gravity fitness top 6 exercises to avoid:
Behind the neck Lat Pull-down, Upright Row, Farmers Carry, Shrugs, Overhead squat,
and Overhead press

[dropcap]Replace[/dropcap] stressful exercises with the below healthy ones:
Face Pulls, Prone T’s, Prone Y’s, Prone I’s, and Standing W’s


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