Mean Green Detox Salad

[dropcap]Fresh[/dropcap] off a Valentine’s day of rich dinner, chocolates and a lot of couch sitting withNutrition record cold temperatures, we decided to give this Mean Green Detox Salad recipe from Half Baked Harvest a try today.  The dressing, Lemon Tahini, perfectly stands up to the mega greens (kale, brocolli, cilantro and parsley) that are loaded in the salad.  The Grapefruit and Chick Peas also provide a nice compliment that perfectly balances the salad.

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[dropcap]Prep[/dropcap] was easy and completed within the 30 minutes the recipe suggests.  Make a bigger batch and dress the broccoli and kale ahead for an extra healthy “slaw” at your next lunch or dinner party.



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