So Do BCAAs Work?


Let me start of by saying I have been taking BCAAs for a whole month now, and that I too at first asked, “Do BCAAs work?” I did a lot of research, just as you are doing, before I finally decided to start taking BCAAs. And I have to say without a doubt, BCAAs DO work and quite frankly I wish I had started taking them a lot sooner.

How Do BCAAs Work?

Without getting into too much detail as I’m sure most of you have clicked on this post with one thing in mind and one thing only, “Do BCAAs work?”, I will say first off how they work is simple. BCAAs or branched-chain amino acids are essential nutrients which produce naturally in the body from various foods we eat. For us, those in training, or those who work out, taking BCAAs in addition to what we already naturally get from just eating, helps tremendously (or so is claimed) in the protection of protein breakdown especially during strenuous activities. Which means our muscles recover faster because they are better protected when we are ripping and tearing them during our workouts. For a detailed look into how BCAAs work CLICK HERE.

My Experience So Far With BCAAs

So having taken BCAAs for the past month now, which I take in powder form, mixed in water and slowly sipped on during my workout I noticed almost immediately how quickly my muscles had recovered. A good example is that usually after leg day I am sore for the next 3 days. After having taken my BCAAs, in addition to adding foam rolling and more stretching, I am only sore for 1 day. Also, I am stronger and feel more energetic at the end of the week, where as before I had felt more worn down by the end of the week. Now I want to paint an exact portrait of my BCAA intake. I take my BCAAs in powder form, one scoop with 10 oz. of water (although it is recommended 8 0z., I like more water since I am sipping slowly on this over the course of a 1 to sometimes 2 hour workout) and sip on it during my workout. After my workout I drink a protein shake, which also contains BCAAs. On my non-training days I drink a glass of BCAAs mixed in 10 oz. of water on an empty stomach right when I wake up, and then in the afternoon or evening I have a protein shake as one of my meals which contains BCAAs as well. I’ve seen others talk about taking it 3 to 4 times a day, for me personally that’s excessive, but perhaps they are logging in more hours at the gym than I am.


In the end, our bodies are all different, and what works for one person (as is the case not just in diet and fitness but also life) may not necessarily work for another. However there is a lot of evidence that shows that BCAAs do work, and do at the very least help your muscles from breaking down too much during your workouts. Will that lead to the results you are looking for, well that depends on too many factors to say for sure. However I can say, for me, BCAAs do work. I’ve left links below to the exact BCAA supplement I use, as well as the protein supplement I use! These are the only things I take other than of course my centrum vitamins, joint pills, fish oils, and a balanced diet (with a cheat day at least once a week)!

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