Yoga Blocks


  • HIGH-DENSITY EVA FOAM – this yoga block set is crafted in the same comfortable, stable material as your daily yoga mat. You get reliable comfort that lasts through every practice and holds its shape.
  • SOFT-GRIP BEVELED EDGES – no sharp edges here! Comfort is key with the lightly beveled edge on this yoga block set. No more being distracted by discomfort while deepening your stretches.
  • ODOR AND MOISTURE-RESISTANT – EVA foam makes this yoga block set easy to clean and perfect for on-the-go. Even sweat is no match for this non-slip block, making it naturally anti-bacterial.
  • CHOOSE YOUR COLOR & BUNDLE – find your perfect match with a black or green 2-piece set in our ultra-portable 3-inch or 4-inch size duos.
  • IMPROVES YOUR PERFORMANCE – improve flexibility, deepen your stretches, improve spinal alignment and apply less strain to tight muscles with the help of our premium yoga block set.


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