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Gradient Fitness Exercise Products are developed by Physical Therapists with a passion for fitness. Gradient Fitness enhances your fitness experience with the innovative Balance Pad and the FREE Exercise Guide! Experience the most comfortable and convenient way to improve your coordination, balance, strength, and athletic performance. All Gradient Fitness products are premium quality design for any fitness and physical therapy use.

  • Use it for Physical Therapy, injury prevention, athletic conditioning, core strengthening, yoga, dance, balance, and proprioception.

  • Soft foam that is lightweight and durable; you will never sink to the floor!

  • Innovative no-slip texture for safety and effectiveness. Ideal for professional or personal use.

  • Take in on the go with the included storage bag and exercise program.

    What makes us different? The standard balance pad is slippery, cracks easily, and is made with a flawed density allowing you to sink to floor. The Balance Pad solves all of these problems. It features super soft but durable 2.5" thick foam. It will never let you sink to the floor and our innovative no-slip texture adds safety and effectiveness. The material is crack resistant and waterproof ensuring its use for many years. The Balance Pad is ideal for the professional setting but with the included storage bag and exercise program it’s also perfect for fitness on the go!

    ATHLETICS: The Balance Pad is the perfect piece of equipment for athletes. From Football to Yoga our Balance Pad will provide the perfect blend of comfort and durability to meet all of your athletic needs. Your purchase includes exercise resources from beginner to advanced.

    REHAB: The Balance Pad is used and endorsed by Physical Therapists. This is a staple piece of equipment for motor skill development, coordination, and core strengthening. Get one to maximize the results from your home exercise program.

    INJURY PREVENTION: Research has identified that faults in neuromuscular coordination increase ones risk for injury. The Balance Pad can address these impairments and prevent injury.

    ERGONOMICS: The Balance Pad is a great way to relieve stress from your feet and legs during long sitting periods. Whether you use it at home or at work, recharge your body with the Balance Pad.

    DIMENSIONS: 17 x 13 x 2.5 in.

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