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The majority of your week is spent at your workplace. Companies that embrace worksite and corporate wellness programs are proven to increase productivity and bring out the best in their employees. It’s simple—the more energy you have, the more productive you will be!

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    What all fitness success stories have in common

    Fitness success stories are a great source of inspiration. They provide you a glimpse into the life before and after major health shifts – showing the payoff of hard work. Following these stories can help make your path easier, spurring your own motivation and providing you with the tips and tricks required to achieve your fitness objectives. After reviewing multiple success stories, we have compiled a list of points that are common across them and can be of use to you as you seek to achieve your fitness goals, whether for weight loss or gain, endurance, stamina – the sky’s

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    5 Effective Ways To Avoid Weight Gain During Winters

    Many people believe that it is next to not possible to avoid weight gain during winters. If not possible, then it surely is very difficult to stay fit because winter season for the majority of the population begins from November and ends in February or March. It is in these months that all major festivals come, and people celebrate all the festivals with great enthusiasm. Festivals mean food, and I mean a lot of food. Fried foods, sweets and carbonated drinks are consumed in large quantities during festival days. Well, it is hard to avoid such foods when everybody else

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    If You Sit at a Desk All Day, You Need These 6 Yoga Poses in Your Life

    It's no secret that yoga is teeming with benefits—from the mental to the physical. In case you needed another reason to begin this wellness practice, it's also a great way to build flexibility. This is important now more than ever, thanks to office jobs that keep many in a seated position, slouched in front of a computer for a majority of the day. "Our lives are restricted and sedentary, so our bodies get lazy, muscles atrophy, and joints settle into limited range," explains Megan Eastman, a yoga instructor at Anatomy in Miami, Florida. The cure for our sedentary ways? Yoga. "Yoga asana helps to correct skeletal alignment and

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